My students form Novi Sad won international prizes!

On recently held INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION DAVORIN JENKO 2013 in Belgrade/Serbia my students from Novi Sad came home with two prizes.
NIKOLA MACURA , 3rd year student won 2nd prize in the E Cat. and
SRDJAN PAUNOVIC, 2nd year student won 1st prize and he is a Laureate of the D Cat.
They were accompanied by two great pianists, Ivana Karajkov and Oscar Riter.

Congratulations guys (and Ivana)!!



Soon new concert dates!
Wien, Subotica, Novi Sad, Zagreb, Slatina,
Požega, Beli Manastir, Novska, Bjelovar, 
Makarska, Čakovec and many more





 Tudor composed one movement piece Concertino Cubistico, that was commissioned by Goran Bakrač and premiered by the whole ensemble. Tudor proved once again that he is the most promising composer of the younger generation. As usual in his opus, he is concerned with ideas about symbiosis of different Arts. Very interesting ten-minute piece shows a kind of crescendo in terms of form. Dynamic effect achieved is an interesting combination of articulation and instrumental colors that provide thematic material. The musicians showed a great enthusiasm while they played the piece, so the first performance was a big success with the musicians as well as with the audience.

Branko Magdić, Ivana Jurenec

Sedam dana glazbe (Seven days of music), Croatian Radio 3


Critics on Tudor/Batoš duo recital at Music Tribina Opatija

Tudor/Batoš duo had a brilliant performance..they performed the works of Matthias Kranebitter (Vienna), Ivana Kiš, Petar Bergamo and Mirela Ivičević and premiered two new pieces - Hearing Voices by Gordan Tudor and a new version of the piece by Dubravko Detoni 22 per 2 in 2 , arranged by Dragan Sremec.

Višnja Požgaj, klasika.hr

The highlight of the Music Tribina

The operational and programmatic best concert event was an afternoon program of saxophone-piano duo Tudor/Batoš, which meet the highest artistic criteria.

Jana Haluza, Vijenac - 15.11.2012

Virtuosity with a touch of humor

..homogeneity of their performance showed that excellent work as a duo, not a saxophone solo with piano accompaniment. Their underscoring the humor who came to the fore in the composition of the Viennese composer Matthias Kranebitter Ringelreigen 18.4, CO2 But that does not mean that they lack seriousness shown by the interpretation of the rest of the repertoire.

Dario Poljak, Zarez - 22.11.2012