My new publisher - Donemus Publishing

I am very proud and excited to announce that after 10 great years with my previous publisher, Diapason Society my compositions will be published by a renowed Holland Publishing Company, DONEMUS PUBLISHING.
Check their webshop here:


This Spring

Trio GIG presents new album on concerts in Valpovo and Slatina 5th and 6th of April
19/04 Concert wih Zagreb Soloists with music by Bobić and premiere of a new piece by Ante Knešaurek 
19-22/04 Annual Masterclass and concerts (Trio GIG, Papandopulo Quartet, solo) in Jastrebarsko
26/04 Premiere of a new piece dedicated to me "Eppur si Muove" by Dubravko Detoni at Music Biennale Zagreb
27/04 S/UMAS at Music Biennale Zagreb
28/04 - 03/05 S/UMAS residency with great UK musician Tim Hodgkinson
29/04 Concert with Music for Peace founders, Maria Nemtsova and Vitalij Vatulja in Split
02/05 S/UMAS at Vinko Lesic Competition in Split
04/05 S/UMAS concert with Tim Hodgkinson on Izlog Suvremenog Zvuka Zagreb
11/05 S/UMAS plays at promotion of PHD students at University of Split
14/05 S/UMAS at 2nd Alumni Club meeting in University of Split - Art Academy
15/05 Papandopulo Quartet plays Maske by Olja Jelaska on her author concert
16/05 Papandopulo Quartet recital, 3rd one in our Concert Season in Dverce Palace
17/05 Papandopulo Quartet recital on Sarajevske večeri muzike Festival in Sarajevo (Bosnia)
18/05 Masterclass in Music Conservatory Sarajevo 
27/05 S/UMAS performs at HDS annual meeting in Split
02/06 Solo recital at Peljesac
08/06 Papandopulo Quartet recital in  Jastrebarsko 
15/06 - 25/06 Recording of a new piece by Peter de Jager, Masterclasses and Concerts in Perth (Australia)
22/06 Solo recital in Bol at Island of Brac
27/06 Papandopulo Quartet recital on Baromus festival
29/06 S/UMAS Ensemble recital at Zagrebačke Ljetne večeri


This Autumn

18/09 Papandopulo Quartet debut recital in Cazma
26/09 - 01/10 Zagreb Jury member at "Papandopulo Competition", Croatian national competition for music
02/10 Papandopulo Quartet debut recital in Petrinja
03/10 Zagreb Recording Acrobat in Love by Ivana Kis with Croatian RTV Symphony Orchestra and maestro Ivan Josip Skender 
13/11 Ensemble S/UMAS plays a concert at 7th edition of our Festival of Cutting-edge Music and Related Art Forms, New Music Days Split
17/11 Playing again after 16 years with my pianist Jadrank Garin on a benefit concert in HNK Split
19/11 Soloist in Papandopulo's Saxophone Concerto with HNK Split Orchestra and maestro Ivo Lipanovic - Church Gospe od Zdravlja, Split
02/12 Premiere of Mrtva svadba, Natalija Manojlovic's play with my music performed live by Papandopulo Quartet - Croatian National Theatre, Varazdin
05/12 Varazdin  Mrtva Svadba performance
11/12 Papandopulo Quartet is opening its new "Papandopulo Quartet's Concert Season" in Zagreb with new programme but in the same venue, Mimara Museum, Zagreb.
11/12 Varazdin  Mrtva Svadba performance
12/12 Varazdin  Mrtva Svadba performance
21/12 Split  Ensemble S/UMAS performs our new programme "S/UMAS GOES POP"
28/12 Varazdin  Mrtva Svadba performance


This summer...

18/06 Split Soloist with Sanctus Domnio
20-23/06 Zagreb Album recording with Trio GIG
02-09/07 Nova Gorica (SLO)   Jury member at 8th International Saxophone Competition
10/07 Nova Gorica (SLO) Concert and premiere of my new piece for solo Sax Section and Big Band
12/07 Korcula    Trio GIG recital
15-22/07 Szeczinek (POL)  Masterclass 
18/07 Szeczinek (POL) Solo recital 
21/07Szeczinek (POL) Chamber music recital 
09/08 Novalja     Papandopulo Quartet recital
10/08 Kolan        Papandopulo Quartet recital
11/08 Lopud       Papandopulo Quartet recital
12/08 Herceg Novi (MNE)  Papandopulo Quartet recital
14/08 Split       Papandopulo Quartet recital
18/08 Rab        Papandopulo Quartet recital
01/09 Split       Soloist with Podium Brass Quintet
10/09 Hvar       Papandopulo Quartet recital
18/09 Cazma    Papandopulo Quartet recital
26/09 - 01/10 Zagreb    Jury member at "Papandopulo Competition"
01/10 Zagreb   Recording with Croatian RTV Symphony Orchestra
02/10 Petrinja    Papandopulo Quartet recital