This Spring

Trio GIG presents new album on concerts in Valpovo and Slatina 5th and 6th of April
19/04 Concert wih Zagreb Soloists with music by Bobić and premiere of a new piece by Ante Knešaurek 
19-22/04 Annual Masterclass and concerts (Trio GIG, Papandopulo Quartet, solo) in Jastrebarsko
26/04 Premiere of a new piece dedicated to me "Eppur si Muove" by Dubravko Detoni at Music Biennale Zagreb
27/04 S/UMAS at Music Biennale Zagreb
28/04 - 03/05 S/UMAS residency with great UK musician Tim Hodgkinson
29/04 Concert with Music for Peace founders, Maria Nemtsova and Vitalij Vatulja in Split
02/05 S/UMAS at Vinko Lesic Competition in Split
04/05 S/UMAS concert with Tim Hodgkinson on Izlog Suvremenog Zvuka Zagreb
15/05 Papandopulo Quartet plays Maske by Olja Jelaska on her author concert
16/05 Papandopulo Quartet recital, 3rd one in our Concert Season in Dverce Palace
17/05 Papandopulo Quartet recital on Sarajevske večeri muzike Festival in Sarajevo (Bosnia)
18/05 Masterclass in Music Conservatory Sarajevo 
27/05 S/UMAS performs at HDS annual meeting in Split
02/06 Solo recital at Peljesac
08/06 Papandopulo Quartet recital in  Jastrebarsko 
15/06 - 25/06 Recording of a new piece by Peter de Jager, Masterclasses and Concerts in Perth (Australia)
27/06 Papandopulo Quartet recital on Baromus festival
29/06 S/UMAS Ensemble recital at Zagrebačke Ljetne večeri


This Autumn

18/09 Papandopulo Quartet debut recital in Cazma
26/09 - 01/10 Zagreb Jury member at "Papandopulo Competition", Croatian national competition for music
02/10 Papandopulo Quartet debut recital in Petrinja
03/10 Zagreb Recording Acrobat in Love by Ivana Kis with Croatian RTV Symphony Orchestra and maestro Ivan Josip Skender 
13/11 Ensemble S/UMAS plays a concert at 7th edition of our Festival of Cutting-edge Music and Related Art Forms, New Music Days Split
17/11 Playing again after 16 years with my pianist Jadrank Garin on a benefit concert in HNK Split
19/11 Soloist in Papandopulo's Saxophone Concerto with HNK Split Orchestra and maestro Ivo Lipanovic - Church Gospe od Zdravlja, Split
02/12 Premiere of Mrtva svadba, Natalija Manojlovic's play with my music performed live by Papandopulo Quartet - Croatian National Theatre, Varazdin
05/12 Varazdin  Mrtva Svadba performance
11/12 Papandopulo Quartet is opening its new "Papandopulo Quartet's Concert Season" in Zagreb with new programme but in the same venue, Mimara Museum, Zagreb.
11/12 Varazdin  Mrtva Svadba performance
12/12 Varazdin  Mrtva Svadba performance
21/12 Split  Ensemble S/UMAS performs our new programme "S/UMAS GOES POP"
28/12 Varazdin  Mrtva Svadba performance


This summer...

18/06 Split Soloist with Sanctus Domnio
20-23/06 Zagreb Album recording with Trio GIG
02-09/07 Nova Gorica (SLO)   Jury member at 8th International Saxophone Competition
10/07 Nova Gorica (SLO) Concert and premiere of my new piece for solo Sax Section and Big Band
12/07 Korcula    Trio GIG recital
15-22/07 Szeczinek (POL)  Masterclass 
18/07 Szeczinek (POL) Solo recital 
21/07Szeczinek (POL) Chamber music recital 
09/08 Novalja     Papandopulo Quartet recital
10/08 Kolan        Papandopulo Quartet recital
11/08 Lopud       Papandopulo Quartet recital
12/08 Herceg Novi (MNE)  Papandopulo Quartet recital
14/08 Split       Papandopulo Quartet recital
18/08 Rab        Papandopulo Quartet recital
01/09 Split       Soloist with Podium Brass Quintet
10/09 Hvar       Papandopulo Quartet recital
18/09 Cazma    Papandopulo Quartet recital
26/09 - 01/10 Zagreb    Jury member at "Papandopulo Competition"
01/10 Zagreb   Recording with Croatian RTV Symphony Orchestra
02/10 Petrinja    Papandopulo Quartet recital


Szczecinek Summer Saxophone Workshops

In between great lessons and amazing students I am so happy to perform a small recital (together with great Asya Fateyeva) at this year's Szczecinek Summer Saxophone Workshops. The programme will consist of pieces originally written for saxophone by Matthias Kranebitter and Jacob TV and some of my transcriptions of Debussy and Saint-Saëns music. I will be joined by Olena Ostrolutska on piano and Weronika Partyka on electronics. Concert is on 18th of July at 20:30.